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Multiple Implants

The Most Significant Dental Innovation Of Our Generation


Denture supported Implant

With this treatment, your teeth will look and feel just like your natural ones. People will find it hard to tell the difference. Your new teeth are secured fastened to the implants and are only removable by your dentist.


Implant Attachment

The overdenture is securely fixed on the top of at least two implants. The denture will be removable for cleaning and oral hygiene but quite different from a conventional denture, because it provides retention in the mouth, functioning more like natural teeth.

Partial with Implants

Dentures and partial dentures inevitably cause bone loss, the inability to chew properly and a decreased overall biting force. Many patients are unaware that removable partial dentures can cause decay and loosening of surrounding clasped teeth as well. But partials, like dentures, can be upgraded. Implants can be placed and fixed bridges or crowns can be fabricated to go over them. Thus giving patients a better chewing force, as well as a more stable and evenly distributed bite, allowing for better preservation of remaining teeth.